Implement a CRM system to increase your sales by 34%

We are partnered with the leading CRM systems in the world
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Increase sales
by 34%
Sales are improved by
1. Increase in average deal size
2. Rise in amount of upsell
3. Full control over the quality of sales
4. In-depth analysis of employees' work performance

by 90%
Amount of "forgotten" clients is decreased
The system will remind your employees to call/send an email excluding any possibility of losing clients due to employees' forgetfulness
by 25%
Increase in number of calls made
The system does most of the routine work,
so employees have more time to make calls.
If you don't use a CRM
1. Selecting a CRM to fit your needs
2. Exploration of your company's business processes
3. Terms of reference development
4. Visualization of how your CRM will work
5. CRM system purchase
6. Setting up CRM system according to the terms of reference
If you are using a CRM system
1. Analysis of your current CRM setup
2. Exploration of your current business processes
3. Systematization of unfulfilled needs
4. Terms of reference development
5. Visualization of how your CRM will work after our adjustments
6. Adjusting CRM system
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